After The First One

Posted in on February 8, 2014

It’s Saturday afternoon in a roomy Bradford pub and there are two football matches happening at once. Every so often a roar emerges from the adjoining room and the be-pinted jovial men in this one jump as if tasered and send the youngest one through to see what’s going on. He arrives back, breathlessly reporting… View Article

Loom does Bradford!

Posted in on January 27, 2014

Another Monday, another trip in a van for Geddes Loom, this time on our way to sunny Bradford. (Perhaps it is sunny in Bradford? Just because in Manchester is the sky is looming like an enormous wet dog it doesn’t mean that in Bradford it isn’t twenty five glorious degrees and everyone is about to… View Article

Phrased And Confused

Posted in on January 9, 2014

In the summer we performed our Phrased and Confused-commissioned ‘Protest’ piece at Summer Sundae Festival (in Leicester – I still don’t get why you would turn down the opportunity to call your festival Leicesteval, but there you have it), and it was amazing to be able to perform the piece twice more, in Devon first… View Article

Pen:Chant the 2nd

Posted in on November 22, 2013

Event Date: Monday 9th December 2013 The very second ever Pen:Chant! Featuring guest sets from you-have-to-hear-him-to-believe-him beatboxer, vocal sculptor and sound artist Jason Singh and you-have-to-see-her-to-love-her-hair poet and comedian Jackie Jackie O’Hagan. Plus new spoken word and music from that Geddes Loom and you, should you wish, on the open mic. Book early to avoid disappointing yourself…. View Article

Pen:Chant the 1st

Posted in on October 15, 2013

Event Date: Sunday 10th November 2013 The very first ever Pen:Chant! Featuring sets from 3 x Just for Laughs Award Nominee and Moth Story Slam Winner, Jon Bennett (Australia), love-lorn shadow pop from Hannah in the Wars (New Zeland), sets from Geddes Loom and you, should you wish, on the open mic. More info on… View Article

Prelude To A Number – update on happenings

Posted in on November 14, 2012

Wow, how time flies between blog posts! We have been remiss over here at Geddes Loom HQ, and completely forgotten about this whole “keeping people updated about things” concept, instead choosing the less obvious route of doing things and then telling people about them afterwards. We like to think it helps keep our feet on… View Article

Catching Up (and Gig with Hackney Colliery Band!)

Posted in on August 28, 2012

Wow, it has been a long time since we posted on our website! If you could, we would prefer you to put this down to us being consumed with busy-ness and whirlwind gigs rather than lazing about in our pants watching daytime TV. Most recently we could be heard/seen playing a ten-day run at the… View Article

Shangri La

Posted in on December 13, 2011

Oh, but we had a lovely time at Shangri La! Held in the Carlton Club in Prestwich, Shangri La is a warm, exceptionally friendly night run by delightful people.  After a small amount of problems getting there which mainly involved us getting off at the wrong tram stop, we did our sound check then waited… View Article


Posted in on August 25, 2011

Quick update to let you know about Shambala.  We will be doing two performances in the Wandering Words Tent, first off is a regular Geddes Loom musical treat, this will be at 3pm on Friday afternoon.  Then we will be performing the piece we created for Phrased and Confused as part of Ben Mellors poetry… View Article


Posted in on August 10, 2011

(For some reason I just typed the subject line “Gigs” about five times, deleting it each time in favour of finding some other, more witty title.  Eventually I decided to keep it but add a rakish exclamation mark.) As I type this Dan is sitting behind me practicing one of our songs (Song For Lori… View Article