Event Date: Sunday 10th November 2013

The very first ever Pen:Chant! Featuring sets from 3 x Just for Laughs Award Nominee and Moth Story Slam Winner, Jon Bennett (Australia), love-lorn shadow pop from Hannah in the Wars (New Zeland), sets from Geddes Loom and you, should you wish, on the open mic.

Pen:Chant the 1st

More info on Jon:

Before he became better known for pretending things were his cock, Jon Bennett began his comedy career doing regular stand up shows at the age of 19.

After a brief foray into TV and radio, which included writing and acting in Channel 31 comedy shows such as the award-winning The Ugly Stick, Bennett decided to change to a more storytelling style of comedy.

In 2007, he began performing in storytelling nights around Melbourne, including Northcote’s popular Willow Tales, which he now hosts.

In 2009, Bennett realised his talent for placing his groin next to inanimate objects and created the hugely popular internet photographic phenomenon Pretending Things Are a Cock. What started as a joke between friends has now spawned a successful book, exhibition and countless critically-acclaimed live performances.

The PTAAC live show has wowed audiences the world over, with Bennett bringing his phallus-laden performances to comedy festivals in Melbourne, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg and the world-renowned Edinburgh Fringe. PTAAC was also nominated for Montreal’s Just for Laughs Best Comedy award in 2010.

Aside from his prolific cock-making tendencies, Bennett continues to perform and tell stories around the globe. He hosts several storytelling nights around Melbourne, and has brought his stories to Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Montreal, Vancouver, Edinburgh and New York, where he has performed at several of the famous The Moth storytelling nights.

In 2012, Bennett introduced his show My Dad’s Deaths at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and also toured extensively throughout Europe and North America earning him a 2nd Just For Laughs Award Best Comedy Award nomination.

In 2013, Jon presented his newest show, Fire in the Meth Lab, the unbelievable story of Bennett’s wayward older brother. The show has received glowing reviews from it’s debut performances at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Montreal Fringe Festival where he was nominated for the Centaur Award for Best Production and a 3rd time nomination for the Just For Laughs Award for Best Comedy.

In July of this year Jon won The Moth Story Slam in New York City.

Jon’s show ‘My Dad’s Deaths’ has just wrapped up from the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he received glowing 5 STAR reviews and sell out audiences.

“Bennett is the patron saint of storytelling. ★★★★★” – Broadway Baby (UK)

“The audience is spellbound, laughing, gasping, allowing their emotions to be played upon.” “Gut-wrenchingly good – Bennett is a master storyteller. ★★★★” – Time Out Inc. Magazine

“Full of heart and packed with laughter, this is how storytelling should be done. ★★★★” – The Skinny (UK)

More info on Hannah in the Wars:

I have been bitten, scratched and kicked. My bare feet have been ground into the earth by heavy hooves and my bare arms have felt the wind singing past, boundless strength bunching beneath. I have held an old woman’s hand as her most faithful companion left this plane. I saw my heart crushed to dust in a stranger’s hand, the motes blown to the wind. I lost the man I loved and gained a thousand friends. My name is Hannah and, like you, I am in the wars.

Originating from Central Otago in New Zealand, songsmith Hannah Curwood has previously released 2 records, Sky Above Horse Below (2007) and The Blind Love EP (2009). Both critically acclaimed, tracks such as murder ballad It’s Been Snowing All Winter (www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuQK7Z_9Cuc) brought attention to Hannah’s use of dark lyrics, twisted imagery and ethereal melody to earn her a place as one of NZ’s celebrated alternative female writers.

Now based in London, Hannah in the Wars are adding the finishing touches to a 10 track album of powerful new material. Recorded between the country home of Roger O Donnell (The Cure) and a canal-side studio in Haggerston, the songs are vivid emotional narratives, encapsulating a dark, ephemeral beauty within a cocoon of rippling Telecaster, nymphic vocal layers, earthy string harmonics, commanding piano/synth and the brooding pulse of an orchestral percussionist on the kit.

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