Pen:Chant is our monthly night of words, music and showing off. We show off, we invite people to come and show off, other people watch the showing off, then we all have a drink and a lovely chat. It’s great.

Every month we shuffle into the glorious Three Minute Theatre, where we’re greeted by Gina, John and theatre dog Mandy. The space is delicious: all homemade things, brickwork and artwork. They’ve got about seventy seats, a lovely stage and a well-stocked bar, which, if you factor in the cuteness of Mandy*, is a total winner.

Since the first one back in November 2013 we’ve had comedians, musicians, spoken word performers and storytellers from across the globe come to perform: as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and Leeds. And each night has felt very different because of the variety of the performers. Our favourite was the one with Little Sparrow. No, the one with Jon Bennett. No, the one with Anna Freeman. No, the one… OK, they’ve all been amazing.

And we’re not making this up, right, but someone did genuinely once say “wow! I can’t believe I just saw all that for a fiver!”. They did! Don’t look at us like that. Well, we might have added the exclamation marks, but apart from that it’s 100% true.

Oh, and there’s an open mic! So if you fancy coming and throwing your showing off into the mix, let us know.

The next Pen:Chant is on 26th June, 2014, Three Minute Theatre, Oldham Street, Manchester. £5/3, 7.30pm (8pm start).

*Gina and John are also cute, but in a different way

Here are some grainy pictures of some Pen:Chants, taken inexpertly on an iPhone in a darkened room. You’re welcome.


Hannah in the Wars, Fiona McMartin, Jon Bennett, Geddes Loom and Mandy the Theatre Dog



Little Sparrow


Sally Jenkinson, Liz Greenfield and Alabaster de Plume


Ben and Mandy. (BFFs.)

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