In the summer we performed our Phrased and Confused-commissioned ‘Protest’ piece at Summer Sundae Festival (in Leicester – I still don’t get why you would turn down the opportunity to call your festival Leicesteval, but there you have it), and it was amazing to be able to perform the piece twice more, in Devon first then on our home turf in Manchester.

In Devon we performed as part of Interrogate – the UK’s first festival of social justice. It was held in the beautiful setting of Dartington Hall, and there were some incredible and fascinating events taking place across the weekend. As for me (Léonie) I had to dash off on Friday from my day of teaching in Stockport to be down in Devon to be on stage for ten, which was pretty exhausting, but Dan and Ben had been in charge of getting the van with its belly of equipment and instruments down, so they had a full on day as well. As it turned out, though, it was most definitely worth it. Laura Dockerill wasn’t able to make it due to being on honeymoon with her delightful husband Daniel, but Yusra Warsama and Shane Solanki were fantastic, and a really interesting weekend all in all.

In Manchester we were performing at Contact, a venue at which we have all frequented on a number of occasions, and it was lovely to do our Protest piece to a home crowd. I felt that Ben really got into the character of Poetry as Poetry would be if Poetry wore a cape (which we all know would be the case) and I wore a dress with music notes all over it, just to hammer home the fact that I was playing (ha, playing, get it?) (crap joke, sorry) Music. This time Laura was there, as well as Shane and Yusra, and excitingly Bellatrix was there – bass player and beatboxer extraordinaire – performing with Shane as part of their band The Last Mango In Paris. It was wonderful evening, actually, I felt so proud to be part of the line up, as gushing as it sounds. I did manage to persuade everyone to have a picture together, which I have posted below. Thanks to Phrased and Confused (Stuart Silver we all slightly want to be you) for making all this happen, (and also for the curry).

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