Oh, but we had a lovely time at Shangri La! Held in the Carlton Club in Prestwich, Shangri La is a warm, exceptionally friendly night run by delightful people.  After a small amount of problems getting there which mainly involved us getting off at the wrong tram stop, we did our sound check then waited for the place to fill up, and fill up it did. People come from all around to the monthly event, where there are sweets on the table and beer at the bar (of course).  The first performer was the wonderful Jake Spicer on his guitar, with such a wonderful voice.  Some covers and some originals, he was funny and strange with a voice like melodic gravel.  Then Peter Slater graced the stage and, even though we were meant to be ignoring Halloween, he terrified us with his apocalyptic visions of what Wigan might be like under attack by zombies.

Then we were on! Hopped up on e numbers from all the sweets on the tables, we took to the stage.  I have rarely known such an attentive audience.  We loved it (albeit with an element of “oh, shit, they’re actually listening to the lyrics”).  People were warm and friendly and clappy (definitely a word): we had a marvellous time.  Apart from slightly gettting into trouble for doing a cover of a Britney song (Toxic, and it was like, totally ironic) the whole set went really well, although next time we will bully Ben into doing a proper beatbox solo.

Anyway, thanks Jo and everyone at Shangri La for inviting us, we would love to come back as soon as you’ll have us!

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