Wow, it has been a long time since we posted on our website! If you could, we would prefer you to put this down to us being consumed with busy-ness and whirlwind gigs rather than lazing about in our pants watching daytime TV.

Most recently we could be heard/seen playing a ten-day run at the Edinburgh Fringe.  The wonderful Tron Church had us on, then invited us back every day for the rest of our time there.  It is a gorgeous venue, playing to great sweeping stained glass windows and echoing rafters is pretty cool, as well as the crowds of lovely people who made up our audiences. Some people even snuck back for a second listen after catching us one day. It was great, anyway, and Jim, who booked us, was a delight. If you weren’t there, we looked a bit like this:


(You may notice the massive screen just next to us. We resolutely chose to believe that people were watching us, they hadn’t just popped in to see what was happening in the Olympics/news/Total Wipeout.)

Before Edinburgh we were frantically writing our shows for Edinburgh. Ben and Dan did a fantastic show called Anthropoetry, which was brilliant, and did extremely well. They will be doing it more, without a doubt, so if you didn’t catch it up there I am sure you will get a chance soon.

I was also doing a show with my friends and co-conspirators, Lowri Evans and Sophie Willan.  The show was called Wrong Place, Right Time, and was excerpts of our upcoming solo shows. You can see more about my show on my website, or read about Edinburgh exploits on my blog.

(What a lot of links! Sorry.)

So, our time at the Fringe came and went and it was marvellous. We are all still mentally lying face down in darkened rooms trying to recover from our brilliant but exhausting time there.  Fortunately we have not been able to be so lazy, as we are busy recording a CD of all the music we have been performing recently.  After this is ready and released and gone platinum (that’s how it works, right?) we will get to writing and creating more stuff so that we aren’t just playing the same tunes in Edinburgh 2013.

Now for some exciting news: Londoners! You can come and see us this week! We are performing with the amazingly astonishing Hackney Colliery Band (who recently played the Olympics Closing Ceremony), at their night, Hackney Colliery Band Curates. The gig is on Thursday 30th August, at the Hackney Picture House, Hackney Attic, and starts at 8pm. We will be performing a set of about forty minutes (which will include some solo stuff from both Ben and me), then HCB will do a set, then we will collaborate.

(I am ludicrously excited about this. I have just had to eat some Wotsits to calm myself down.)

If you haven’t seen Hackney Colliery Band before, you must, they are wonderful.

Now I will sign off because I have typed ‘Hackney’ so much it has stopped looking like a word.

Let us know if you are coming down, we hope you are having a good time in the last dregs of summer.

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