(For some reason I just typed the subject line “Gigs” about five times, deleting it each time in favour of finding some other, more witty title.  Eventually I decided to keep it but add a rakish exclamation mark.) As I type this Dan is sitting behind me practicing one of our songs (Song For Lori – possibly the only song in history to mention a monobrow? I sincerely hope so) and as soon as I finish talking to the Internet I will go and rehearse with him.  Ben will be back soon and so will join in.

This weekend (12/13/14th August) we are performing at the Summer Sundae Weekender in Leicester (I cannot get over why they didn’t just call it Leicesteval, a terrible opportunity to miss if you ask me).   On Saturday we are performing as part of Phrased and Confused on the comedy stage, as part of a commission about protest.  We will be performing a piece called This Poem Is On Strike, that involves music, poetry, technology and a cape.  If you are at the festival come to the EFestivals Comedy Stage for 13.30 on Saturday for the Phrased&Confused set, and the Rising Stage for 15.15 on Sunday for the Geddes Loom set.

In a few weekends time we will be performing at Shambala, a wonderful festival, I am so looking forward to it.  We went last year (Ben and I performed in the Wandering Words tent) and dressed up like weirdos and had an excellent time. I think we all plan to have a similar experience this year.  I will confirm exactly when and where we can be caught as soon as I have more details.

Right, I had better join in with rehearsals otherwise the other two will be really good and I’ll be looking lost at the back of the stage, possibly hiding behind the cape.

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