Wow, how time flies between blog posts!

We have been remiss over here at Geddes Loom HQ, and completely forgotten about this whole “keeping people updated about things” concept, instead choosing the less obvious route of doing things and then telling people about them afterwards. We like to think it helps keep our feet on the ground.

But we have all been busy, jetting off* hither and thither, wowing arenas** with our wonderful profundities***.

*on trains

** rooms above pubs

***this is accurate. We are profound.

Ben and Dan performed their marvellous show, Anthropoetry, in Manchester in October. Following a successful run in Edinburgh they brought it to a home crowd for two nights, and it went down a storm.  I joined in best I could by being the bouncer on the door (I can be very intimidating) and taking the money, in return for which I would stamp people on the hand with a small football stamp. Sporty. People loved the show, and Ben and Dan have big plans for it, including hopefully taking it to some international fringe festivals next year.

I performed the work in progress of my first solo show, I May Not Be Where I Intended To Go, at Contact Theatre.  Even though it was nearly two weeks ago I still feel like I am reeling from it a bit. It went well, I was very happy afterwards. My lowest moment was the night before the show, in Primark trying on depressing polyester office clothes under angry strip lighting, listening to teenage girls cackle and crow.  Oh God, I thought woefully. This is going to be awful.

But it wasn’t! I am going to write a proper blog post on my own much-neglected blogabout it soon, but now I have to tell you about our newest endeavour…

Prelude to a Number

Dan has long been fascinated with the number phi and its prevalence. Ben has grown up to music steeped in the amen break. I have an aversion to anything maths-related but am fascinated by patterns and our anthropological need to find them in the world around us. We decided to make a show about phi/the golden ratio. We approached Cornerhouse Micro-Commissions, and they awarded us with some funding to get the project underway. Since then we have been tinkering with ideas, and not just in an drunkenly-emphatic way, but in proper rehearsals and meetings and stuff.  On Friday 23rd November we plan to share some of our first ideas and early works at Cornerhouse, fusing music, storytelling and spoken word. We are going to do a band set first, then have a short break for the audience to refresh their glasses, then perform our work-in-progress.

Here is the official blurb for it:

Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man hallucinates fractals while skanking to Original Nuttah at a rave; a rabbit attempts to solve a maths problem while its personalities multiply at a rate governed by Fibonacci; a cello comes to life and tells a golden ratio-structured story about a stock-broker who went to Florence in search of beauty and found a seashell in a field of sunflowers.

Through a series of poems, stories and songs with hidden mathematical structures Geddes Loom interpret the strange and beautiful qualities of the unique number Phi and its deep underlying presence in everything from art, to markets, to the natural world.

We are still in our early development phase so we will be experimenting, but I am very excited about it. If you are in Manchester next Friday and fancy popping down, please do. It is a free event, but you can book tickets (and we advise you to) through Cornerhouse’s website.

See you there!

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