Prelude To A Number

After The First One

February 8, 2014 - Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s Saturday afternoon in a roomy Bradford pub and there are two football matches happening at once. Every so often a roar emerges from the adjoining room and the be-pinted jovial men in this one jump as if tasered and send the youngest one through to see what’s going on. He arrives back, breathlessly reporting… View Article

Prelude To A Number – update on happenings

November 14, 2012 - Published by Leave your thoughts

Wow, how time flies between blog posts! We have been remiss over here at Geddes Loom HQ, and completely forgotten about this whole “keeping people updated about things” concept, instead choosing the less obvious route of doing things and then telling people about them afterwards. We like to think it helps keep our feet on… View Article